Interview with Chevon Troutman: “We can win the championship. I’d love to stay in Munich”

After years in the shadow of the glorious football club, Bayern Munich is making room also in basketball. Serious planning and careful choices are the basis of this club, which is emerging as one of the powers of German basketball. One of the keys to his renaissance is Chevon Troutman. The star of Pittsburgh, also known in Italy for his great seasons with Avellino, this week was selected in the second team of BBL and is averaging 13.5 points and 5.6 rebounds in 23’.

German basketball is growing fast and some teams (Berlin, Ulm,Oldenburg) have had a great season in European competitions. Since you have also played in Italy, what are the differences between German and Italian clubs?
It is more comfortable playing here being from the states. Everything is set up pretty nice, the organization is very solide. Also the way they handle their players. There are a lot of talented individuals here.  The game is more athletic, faster more unpredictable. The Italians are more technical and skilled.  They pretty much know precisely what they are going to do.  From my experience being there is you can win the fourth quarter with 30 points and loose the game because you have to play the full game. It is also very competitive there and a strong league. You can easily win and easily loose.

This year the German championship has been really tough. Which is the strongest opponent you faced?
The strongest opponent have been Ulm and Berlin. We played Bamberg also and it was hard. So I would say those three teams plus Oldenburg. They all were competitive in the games we played. They brought their a-game. Sometimes you win sometimes you loose. Simple as that.

Bayern Munich is best known for football, but in 2008 the society has come back in basketball and it is growing more and more each year. Do you think you can compete for the championship this season yet?
Oh yeah. We definitely have the players and the talent. The season is about stretches and who has the last stretch of wins is the champion. Who ever catches the rythm when the playoffs begin will be in a good position.

In BBL-Pokal you had a great run, eliminating Bamberg in the semifinal, but losing to the Alba Berlin in the championship game. Were you more disappointed because of the loss or more pleased because you proved you can compete with the best teams in Germany?
We already know that we can compete with the best teams in Germany. Because we played against them and we played well. But we also have moments in the game that costs us the whole game. When we could stop those moments and do what we supposed to do we will be fine.

What do you feel about your selection in the BBL All-Second-Team? Are you happy with your season?
It could always be better. But to be recognized as one of the better players in the league is nice. Just being mentioned in the selection is great. You always want to show how good you are.

Is Bayern Munich still in your future? Maybe we will see you soon in a European championship with this club!
I am not a player who wants to jump clubs and move around all the time. I would love to stay in the team.