– Interview with Langston Galloway of Saint Joseph’s – Interview with Langston Galloway of Saint Joseph’s

16 maggio 2013 0 Di Gabriele Galluccio

The Saint Joseph’s Hawks are one fo the NCAA teams that will be in Italy in August to partecipate in NCAA Vicenza Tour. To learn more about the college who will take part in the prestigious event, we have an interview with Langston Galloway, one of the Hawks top players. The combo guard ha finished his junior year with 13.8 points, 3.6 rebounds and 2.3 assists in 35.7 minutes per game: this sammer he will be one of the most anticipated players in Italy.

You’re living the dream of many young Italians: college, an institution that doesn’t exist in Italy. What can you tell us about your life in Saint Joseph’s University?
“Life at Saint Joseph’s is a great experience for the students that come to the University. As a student-athlete it is almost a job because staying on top of your schoolwork can be difficult. College is a exciting time in many students’ lives with meeting new people and learning how life will be after school”.

The Atlantic 10 isn’t considered a major conference like the Big East, but every year one of his teams come a long way in NCAA Tournament. Do you think your conference deserves more consideration in the selection Sunday?
The Atlantic 10 Conference is underrated because the teams in our league may not have the highly touted players like in other conferences, but we have teams that have great team chemistry, which helps them go a long way in the NCAA Tournament. This past season the Atlantic 10 sent 5 teams to the NCAA Tournament, so the conference definitely deserves some more consideration as an upper tier conference”.

The Hawks are also known for fans traditions: what can you tell us about that? What are the most anticipated games?
The fans are a huge part of our success as a program. Saint Joseph’s is known for the saying, “The Hawk Will Never Die” as our mascot flaps his wings the whole game. The most anticipated games are in the Philadelphia Big 5, against local rivals Villanova, Temple, Penn, and La Salle”.

The Hawks are missing from the tournament for five years: how do you assess your three season in Saint Joseph’s?
The past three seasons have been a learning experience for the team and I. I can say that our team chemistry was not where it needed to be, but with better leadership this season will be special”.

Have you ever make a trip abroad? Are you excited for the trip to Italy for the NCAA Italy Tour? What do you know about our country?
“No, I have never taken a trip abroad, but I am very excited for the trip to Italy. The few things that I do know about Italy is that there is so much to see in the cities and the food is good. I’m looking forward to seeing The Coliseum in Rome”.

What are your plans for the future? Are you planning to play basketball as a pro after college?
“My plans for the future are to play basketball – hopefully professionally. After my career in basketball is over I will hope to pursue a career in Sports Marketing and Communications”.