Cannonieri europei – Reginald Holmes from Baltimore to Bulgaria

Cannonieri europei – Reginald Holmes from Baltimore to Bulgaria

22 aprile 2013 0 Di Luca Maffioli’s column “Cannonieri europei” starts with Reginald Holmes, the current best scorer of the Bulgarian championship (NBL) with his 21,5 points (47,3% 2p, 40,0% 3p, 78,4% FT), 4,3 rebounds, 1,5 assists and 1,7 steals per game.

Born in Baltimore in 1987, he attended St. Frances High School before taking part in four NCAA Tournaments with Morgan State University. He had a brilliant college career: he is indeed the all-time leading scorer of his university and, with Morgan State, he won the MEAC in 2009 and 2010, being also named MVP of both tournaments. In his senior season, he averaged 21,5 points, 4,3 rebounds and 1,5 assists per game.

Surprisingly, after the end of his college career, he flew to Morocco to play for the As de Sale. Holmes’ adventure in North Africa finishes in February 2011 with 18,6 points per game, when he comes back to the United States and signs with the Eire Bay Hawks in D-League. In the last season, he played 20 games in Poland, with the Kotwica Kolobrzeg, averaging 12,1 points per game. He is now a player for the BC Beroe, in Bulgaria, and he had a 41-points career-high game versus the Levski Sofia in the Bulgarian championship. Moreover, he had other four 30+ points games.

Reggie is a pure shooting guard who can easily shoot off the dribble and go to the rim thanks to his quickness and his ability to absorb contacts in the paint. He can still improve a lot his game, especially on the defensive end, if he wants to compete in more important championships. Moreover, he needs to get his teammates more involved in his game, in order to be less predictable.

– What are the main differences you found between the NCAA and European basketball? Was it difficult for you to adapt to it?
The main difference from NCAA and European basketball is they it’s more physical and played under control in Europe versus in college it’s more of a fast pace game mainly up and down type of game. The difficult task that I had to adapt to was the way they judge the traveling violation. It’s called very different in both countries.

– Was it complicated for you to change your habits and life style while passing from the Usa to Marocco, then to Poland…?
Yes it was very difficult from USA to morocco to Poland because I had to learn how to live and survive on my own for the first time in my life and being away that far from my family as well. I also had to get use to the time change which was very challenging for the first two months…also I had to get use to the different types of food dishes each country presented.

– Now how do you feel in Bulgaria? What do you like of this country?
Bulgaria is Great this is basically my first full season of basketball and I’m making the best of it…I’m loving the atmosphere on and off the court. Here in Bulgaria the weather is great never really cold or hot, and my team has wonderful fans.

– What are your future goals?
My future goals are to make progression on not just basketball but whatever I’m into…but in basketball I want to show my worth and compete at the highest level possible.

BORN: Baltimora, Maryland – August 8, 1987 HEIGHT: 193 cm
COLLEGE: Morgan State University TEAM: BC Beroe (Bulgaria)
STATS 2012/13: 21.5 points, 4.3 rebounds, 1.5 assists e 1.7 steals. CAREER: As de Sale (Morocco), Eire Bay Hawks (D-League), Kotwica Kolobrzeg (Polonia).

INFO I’m 25years old from Baltimore, Maryland. I have a 4 year old child and a girlfriend name Macy.
BEST QUALITY / YOUR DEFECT My best quality Is shooting and my defect maybe would be size I guess.
TOUGHEST OPPONENT Toughest opponent here is the Eurocup team Lukoil
YOUR UNFORGETTABLE MATCH My unforgettable match was in college when I set the all time scoring record for my school and my last collegiate home game
FAVORITE MOVIE “Friday” and “Love & Basketball”
FAVORITE SINGER Jay Z, Meek Mill and Lil Wayne
HOBBY Love to play video games with my son
YOUR WISHES My wishes are to stay healthy and play basketball at a high level
IF I DIDN’T PLAY BASKETBALL, I WOULD BE… If I didn’t play basketball I think I would be into coaching it because I love this game so much and really can’t see myself away from it

Special thanks to Maria Mitsova, Marco Conti and Andrea Caloni.

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