04/04: Kareem’s last regular season game and Malone’s milestone

1983 – Lorenzo Charles puts back with a thunderous dunk Dereck Whittenburg’s miss at the buzzer. NC State beats Houston 54-52 and wins the NCAA championship.

1988 – After 38 years, Kansas win again the NCAA title, thanks to Danny Manning and Larry Brown, respectively named Player and Coach of the Year.

1989 – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar plays in his last NBA regular season game. The Los Angeles Lakers face the Seattle Supersonics in that circumstance.

1997 – Karl Malone becomes the first NBA player to score at least 2,000 points for 10 consecutive seasons.

2007 – Don Imus gets into trouble for his offensive statement on national live coverage over women’s Rutgers team. His release originates scorn throughout the world and leads to the end of the show, notwithstanding his excuses.


FOTO: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar // www.limitemagazine.com