Exclusive – Interview with Sharrod Ford of Brose Baskets

Sharrod Ford is one of the best center seen in recent years in Italy. He was impressive from the first season (2007/08), which was one of the pillars of Montegranaro, that closed in fourth place in the league. The following years he lived a few high and low in Bologna and have tried to save Ferrara without success in spite of his impressive stats. Then there was the return in Montegranaro, where he recorded his career best season. In the summer of 2011 Ford said goodbye to the Italian league and moved to Germany, where he is still playing. After an unfortunate experience with Munich, he arrived in Bamberg, where he won a national championship as a protagonist. He is currently injured, but the recovery is going well: we had the pleasure to interview him.

German basketball is growing fast: since you have also played in Italy, what are the differences between German and Italian clubs?
“I just say that the German Basketball is growing. I guess you know the countries are different, the style of basketball is different and maybe the German basketball is a bit more professional, you know we have more trainers. I think it’s a little bit more professional here in Germany”.

In the last years the German championship has been really tough. Which is the strongest opponent you faced?
“For me last year Oldenburg was definitely the toughest one. Each game came down, I believe, the last possession. It was a one possession game, in each of game the three in the finals. I think that was the toughest series for us”.

In December, you have reported an injury: when do you think to come back on the field? 
“I’ve been doing some running, my knee injury is not a problem right now, and my knee is fine. It’s just all about getting back in the game shape and getting back into a game rhythm before I start playing again”.

You have played a lot of seasons in the Italian league: what are your best memories? Do you miss anything about Italy? 
“Italy was really good for me; I had fun playing in the league. When I was playing there, it was an up and down league, you know, a lot of points been scored, a lot of shots been taken. I think my best memories are my first year in Italy; it was a really good season. It was a small team, a small city, but we did really well and you know, made a lot of things, especially for the city and the team. The thing I miss about Italy I would have to say is the food. Italians can really good cook pasta and that’s what I miss”.

As usual, Bamberg is one of the best team in the German basketball: which opponents do you fear the most for the national title and the BBL Pokal?
“I don’t think we fear anybody, but I think in the Top Four there are some pretty tough teams. Munich is a lot better than they were last year; Berlin has a really good team this year. So I mean there are some good teams, there will be a lot of competition but I think that we also have a good team as well and our coaches are there, they make a good job and getting us ready for the games, so I think we have a really good chance”.

In Eurocup you are in the running for the eightfinals: do you think that you can go all the way in this competition?
“Yes I believe we can go all the way, we just got to stay focused on the goal, winning games and we can make it to the finals”.